Crunch on Codden


On Sunday my good friend Mark and I set out for a ride. The roads were wet and cold so we deferred to the sensible option. We dusted off our mountain bikes and set off on our usual meandering course up and around Codden Hill. For those that do not know, it is a hill with steep slopes on two sides that look down on the villages of Bishops Tawton just to the north west  and Landkey to the north east. The hill is a veritable cornucopia of trails and runs for mountain bikers. We had both spent the last two months on our road bikes trying to prop up levels of fitness so it was with some delight that we rode our bikes up the track from Bishops Tawton.

The lower track only starts to raise a challenge when you reach the halfway point. The trail forks off , initially at a steep gradient and then briefly levels out. Where pedalling becomes easier there is a man made basin, possibly created for quarrying. What we found there on Sunday was that some enterprising bikers had built a rickety timber structure which projected from the bank out into the wild blue yonder. We nosed around the structure for a while much in the way that dogs do a smelly lamp post. We decided discretion, on this occasion , was the better part of valour. Our attention turned to the newly formed ‘drop off’ , excavated from the bank immediately next to the launch. At about 4 to 5 feet high and with fairly flowing transitions this would be a piece of cake. Mark disappeared over the lip at a fair rate.

His front wheel buckled disastrously resulting in a face plant to the topsoil. Mark  received some facial gouges and he suffered  from a concussion. A trip to A & E , ‘face glue’, a couple of days off work and time will mend all. I think the lesson to be learned here is that buckled wheels can only be straightened so many times.

Get well soon Mark!