Low Standards

Oh dear, oh dear when I started this blogging caper I set out with the best of intentions. My idea  was to write something amusing  every few days.So far so good, at least I think so. There are problems though and not to be obtuse about it they are above and below the text to this post. Yes that’s right photo’s or more precisely low grade photos  poorly composed and abominably taken. You see I had not really considered this aspect of the bloggers craft (Ed. Do n’t over egg it). I guess I had just expected to rub along by er,,borrowing images from  er… elsewhere  to illustrate the text. Occasionally I would snap a few of my own to ‘keep it real’. What could possibly be the problem? The staff…. that is the problem. They (royal they) do not know the first thing about photography. Depth of field, aspect ratio,exposure, lens speed its all a mystery to them.

The blurry images are this blog’s attempt to capture the action when Mike Day and I revisited XC in Hemel Hempstead this weekend. You may be able to just make out that we had a good time. With  persistent north westerly  winds to blow us up the motorway from the tattered surf of the south west we arrived early on Saturday afternoon. Mike did his usual display of stylish skating in the big bowl and the pool. The image above is one of him frontsiding an air over the hip in the big bowl. I also managed to improve on my recent form with some grindage (see approximate images below) and finally carving over the love seat in the pool. That pool is truly a thing to behold.

After a staff briefing it has been agreed that occasional forays into photography will improve in terms of technique and equipment rapidly or there will be trouble!