Counter Culture

Red Lebanese, Porthtowan, love beads, exotica, long hair,  weever fish, Sex Wax, d’ruth school, hippy, sunburn, Martin Wright, patchouli oil, the temple, cool sand, Freedom twin fin, crochet bikinis, Tris Surf shop, great coats, tombstoning, aching shoulders, North Cliffs, Rizlas, resin, Howard, red sunset, rip currents, party, Tris Cokes, bass, Chapel Porth, slaps, knee-boarders, briny caves, The Commodore, arsenic, powder blue sky, sleek seals,  steep path, hallucinogens, chalets, Moroccan, Badlands, slim hips, nose drip, stripper, shaping bay, smuggle, dreams, transitory, sun beams, vipers, striking out, dunes, reggae, caravans, Wheal Towan, no pants, striding, barking dog, hunger, outside….time and place.

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