Five fool around in Dusseldorf

The title of this post should have in brackets ” and hides from the British weather”. Skate mate Mike and four other similarly mature skaters found their way to Germany and sessioned this fabulous pool. I’m green with envy though it is probably best that I missed out their late night session.(Ed: You mean the one after they left the skate park on the third day?)

Anyhow dear reader, I wish to have a curmudgeonly moan about the current weather conditions.

There has been no surf for approximately two weeks. A glance at MSW gives me no grounds for optimism for the forseeable. It’s only early May we should be expecting heightened sea tempretures, reasonably consistent mid range surf and an increase in sunlight hours. This weekend Mike and I drove up the M5/M4/M25  to XC yesterday and sessioned the excellent pool there. It was raining outside and 8 degrees. We had planned to pay Awesome Shoreham  a visit today but found it under a low leaden leaky cloud.Instead we shrugged and made our way back through the dank cold southern English countryside.

I have a sense of injustice in all this. If we are to live in the era of global warming and droughts then surely there should be an upside? Where are the sun and high temperatures? The drought of 1976 was nothing like this. On the other hand if we are to endure rain and unseasonably low temperatures surely we can expect these to be accompanied by weather systems that sling in short or long (I’m not fussy) duration swells? Apparently not.

There, I feel a little better, though I suspect not for long. The BBC’s farming forecast gives no grounds for optimism.