Morning Sickness


This is the ideal, at least for a skater of my age and sensibilities.

The air is warm and dry. There is an intense session going on in the pool. Each proceeding run ups the ante as the skaters bodies adapt to their environment. The sounds of grinds are complimented by sounds of encouragement and tail slaps from the opposite ends of the pool. This does not disturb anyone for there are only skaters here.Some skaters nap and recharge after their session earlier in the day. The afternoon light has become golden as the sun  slides so very slowly towards the burred horizon.

I skated this morning by myself at the b bowl. It was sunny and uncrowded. What’s not to  like?

Well the thing is, skaters need a crew of others to motivate them and encourage them to perform at their best. True they like the sun but the time of day is imperative. The best sessions are held during warm afternoons or evenings. Fact.I am like most skaters.

Strange how I do n’t crave the company of my fellow surfer during glassy early morning sessions (Ed:These are things of the past. There will never be swell ever again.) but the skater in me has very different requirements.

One thought on “Morning Sickness

  1. Came here from MAS. Great photo, great post.

    I have the same experience w/ my early morning skates. Without a crew, it is good, but lifeless. Having one or two friends around to drive you on makes the experience.

    Most of my skater friends have moved away or moved on. But I’m still skating as if I’m practicing for when they roll in to town …


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