Awesome Shoreham

Mike Day, Oakley Liddell and I took a day trip to the best skate bowl in the UK on Saturday. There were a variety of motivations other than the obvious to make the trip. I had not skated this spot for 18 months or so and had got rained off last month when Mike and I dropped down to the south coast after a trip to Hemel Hempstead. Oakley is slightly younger (Ed: there is legislation that forbids such downright lies) than Mike or me and therefore has to wait for the funds or the opportunity to get to skate a place that is a minimum of four hours drive from North Devon. Mike on the other hand seems to have made the bowl his second home over the last two years. In fact he had been invited to Shoreham for a jam to celebrate his 54th 47th birthday.

We were greeted by familiar regulars and some folks who had come from further afield. Jelly had kindly arranged the music and weather for the day (Ed: there is no end to this man’s talents). Someone (proud father of the 7 year old ripper Marley) provided pizza and beer. Oakley supplied 5 foot front and backside airs out of the bowl at will. Mike, Des , Ricardo, Sean Goff, Jelly and others did some old stylee ripping.

We piled back into my car after 5 hours of solid skating vying to return again as soon as possible. I also promised myself to find where my own front and backside airs have disappeared to over the last few years.

I’m going into print on this …. my next visit will include a frontside air above the hallowed coping of the Shoreham deep end.