I feel like this at the moment

Yes that’s right I’m one of them. No not one of those pasty white wannabees that wear baggy street clothing and speak hackney patois. No I’m amongst the legion inspired by Bradley Wiggins recent triumph of Le Tour. (You mean you are a Wiggins wannabee ?: Ed)

A regular browser may have noticed that I spend a reasonable amount of time on my mountain bike, perhaps a couple hour and half rides per week. Normally this exercise combined with 2 or 3 surf sessions and a skate leave me in a reasonable state of fitness at the end of the week. This however has not been the case due to the months of poor surf and appalling weather.

It all came to a head on Wednesday evening. With Bradley’s wondorous achievement still at the front of our minds bike mate, Mark and I set off on our road bikes for a jaunt up and down some of Exmoor‘s beauteous roads. Now it has been many months since I got on a road bike and did a serious stretch and oh boy did this become obvious.As early as the 4th mile I watched Mark’s back disappaer from view. Apparently a michevious road nymph had attached an invisible bungee to my rear wheel. He increased the tension mile upon mile. My legs cramped and filled with a toxic mixture of lactic acid and Ruddles ale. What followed was an exercise in self flagelation and a dread of the next hill. Two and a half hours later I got home and collapsed in an unhappy heep. Bradley I am not.

The positive aspect of this unfortunate incident is that I have committed to an increased level of activity which will culminate in a reasonable finish time for the Exmoor Beast event at the end of October. My wife has also suggested a decrease in the consumption of the aforementioned Ruddles ale. I am somewaht warrily considering this proposition …. surely there must be a better way? Anyhow I shall strike out on a short ride this evening.