Royan Bowl

Royan bowl proved to be a good find, though it took some tracking down and left me only an hour to find my skate legs and some workable lines. Previously Gallic terrain has not particularly impressed me but Royan is different.Built on the veritable “cock and balls” layout, it does not break any new ground but the placement of a roll in which forms a double aspect waterfall into the two deeper bowls is a new one on me and gets the thumbs up. The deepend had many a good line lurking there waiting to be discovered but time and ability did not afford me the opportunity to unearth many secrets….perhaps next time.

The locals impressed. They certainly had found some lines and applied some old stylee lip tricks executed on square tailed boards.I think the guy above was one of them.

In summary well worth a look if you find yourself, dear reader, on the middle section of the western coast of France. The languid beach breaks of  I’ile d’Oleron are worth a gander too. The lack of crowds and warm water were a tonic.