Interact Bowl

It’s only rock n roll and Mike Day likes it.

For a few years Mike and I used to make fairly frequent treks to this facility. Tucked away in an industrial unit by a dank canal in the middle of Burnley, it stood like an undiscovered masters painting, waiting to be found by the coping bothering classes.The unit housed a street course, mini ramp and a vert wall but the main attraction was the vast plywood bowl. It was hands down the largest indoor bowl that we had ever skated. Beautifully crafted from plywood it had a shallow end with a significant waterfall (all bowls need one of these:Ed) that led to a long capsule rounded at both ends. The long leg had 7 footish walls  and the other end was nine footish including some vert. The deepend had an extension added on at some stage which facilitated frontside rock n rolls for the skilled skaters such as Mike (see picture) and allowed others such as  me to carve and grind for longer. There was also a love seat in the middle somewhere that really just got in our way. The features of the bowl though were really beside the point. This place was a temple to speed. Any skater who could competently pump out of a transition could achieve mind altering speed and flow. The like I have only known in this curiously unatmospheric unit hidden behind a dank canal, in Burnley.

All this came flooding back over the last few days after reading on the middle-age-shred forum that a chap known to me as Tuzz died. I met Terry twice, I think, at a couple of MAS Jams. We only passed a few words so I did n’t really know him at all other than he took up skating in his mid to late 30s, he had maniacal enthusiasm, infectious curiosity and could create  a pile up in the Interact bowl like no other. These four qualities on their own are enough to sadden me that someone such as Tuzz should die at such a young age. I understand that there were many more aspects to Terry that only make his passing more sorrowful for the people that knew him well.

 Interact closed but Mike Day can be witnessed doing even more dramatic frontside rocks   at the Shoreham bowl most weekends during the summer. I’ll report on our trip to the new monster bowl at Newport later on in the Autumn. Mike likes to have someone to brush out the bowl for him you see.