Desert Island

This picture or one similar to it first came to my attention in the late 80’s. I dismissed it at  the time as a trick or an experiment with a precursor of Photoshop software.  As I recall the picture was in the irreverent Aussie surf comic Tracks. So I feel that I had good ground for my suspicions. Twenty years later I had the good fortune to surf both waves. Amazingly both waves are high class breaks. Honkys (the left) tends to be rippy and less consistent but offers up pocket type barrels. Sultans (the right) is a little more  ‘facey’ and seems to hold a really good size swell. Both breaks are populated by Maldivian, British, Aussie, Kiwi, Brazzo, Yank, Japanese, French, Spanish,Irish  and Israeli surfers hunting waves. I’m not sure which is more surreal the natural environment or the human interaction in the channel or at the peak.