Wintry Hallucinations

hackett by Glenn Friedmann

One of the great skate photos by Glen E Friedman of Dave Hackett. Mr Hackett is a classic case of surf inspired skater. King of the slashing layback and much more. As we know, a maneuver best executed in a sun drenched Californian swimming pool, possibly accessed without the owner’s prior knowledge.

It’s not like that here. I took my now customary look at b bowl, yesterday. The bottom resembled a dirty little pond.It has not been dry since early September. Undeterred I took a gander at Croyde. The one foot wind swell did not entice me for a dip. I had to resort to pedalling through the dank Devonian countryside.

The various web based boding machines promise dry conditions, offshore winds and  long period swell all week. Perhaps it is a digital mirage shimmering over the usual winter murk.

We shall see.