4 thoughts on “Hell on Earth

  1. Oops – if I’m going to quote something I should at least make sure I get it right :-/ I meant, “We took the wrong STEP years ago” (as in the Hawkwind song/lyrics…)

  2. I think Hawkwind were right but I cling on by my finger nails to the belief that mankind can still change course.

    The “Hall of the Mountain King” is so apposite for this superb cartoon. The protaganist looks half man and half goblin. We are getting into patchouli oil territory here.I had not taken you for a Hippy. Do n’t worry your secret is safe with me!

    Thank you for recent posts (http://sundriedsparrows.blogspot.co.uk/). You are mining a rich seam of writing form. I get a load of pleasure from them.

    • Oh NO, not a hippy! 😉
      But my sister had Hawkwind’s Hall Of The Mountain Grill and they sort of got in there…

      I cling onto hope by my fingernails too. Plus nature still has an amazing ability to self-heal so maybe when we finally stop draining everything from it, it’ll pick itself back up again. (Meanwhile Man will be busy polluting Mars… or, who knows, perhaps we’ll have learnt our lesson?)

      Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m so pleased you appreciate mine. I really enjoy my visits to your world too.

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