Keep On Keeping On


Mike and I had a good session at a miraculously dry and sunny Rock Park yesterday. There were no boundaries broken (and no bones:Ed), no new manoeuvres, no extensions to existing abilities and  a good time was had. We chatted to Mikes mate who had brought his kids down to play on their scooters. He is an ex skater of some ability but has for one reason or another let it go. At one point his son exclaimed, in the way that only the innocent can.

”Dad, you should hang your head in shame”

He meant that his Dad was not participating or giving it a go. Of course by the time the boy starts to approach teen age years he will have changed his attitude and  will just thank the lord inwardly that his father is not embarrassing him. Nevertheless, from out of the mouths of babes and all that. The cherub has a point.

You have to keep on doing the stuff the drives your mojo. The alternative is not to do it and to let the mojo wither and die.

TA (Tony Alva-pictured above) skates and surfs still with aplomb into his mid fifties and beyond. Probably not an ideal role model in lots of ways but I would guess that his mojo fires pretty well. I’m taking mine to XC in Hemel next weekend.

 This blog will just have to keep on rolling, now where did I put that mojo?

4 thoughts on “Keep On Keeping On

  1. I very much agree. It’s whatever turns you on. I must say, I have a ton of admiration for the fact that your mojo/s is/are such daunting (to me, anyway!) physical pursuits. Mine are merely sedentary…
    Keep skating and surfing… maybe into your sixties and beyond?!

    (Btw I worked in Hemel for a while. I seem to remember that skate place being built? – I could be wrong, though…)

    • I think ‘C’ stands for creativity.

      There is no real choice is there. You just keep sketching,painting and writing because you have to? I suspect your path may be a little more sustainable than mine however you will never find me resident in an old folks home.

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