Bizkaia is boarders paradise. I was reminded of it again when I spoke with Dickie last weekend after he had shown me what a true lay back  looks like.Stuck on a vertical wall, arm out stretched and wheels screaming for mercy.  Dickie spent a few months skating in the bowls and pools in Bizkaia and reminisced about the spots he hung out. In particular he raved about the steep transitions of the Algorta pool. The skatepark  looks out over the bay of Biscay  with the Bilbao estuary immediately to the left.

Punta Galea breaks within a stones throw. As you can see this place is not for the feint hearted. The Basques are really talented but understated boarders. There is no fanfare  for the amazing surf and amazing surfers that Bizkaia produces. A few miles down the road Mundaka‘s 300 meter long waves break along the world’s most perfectly formed river mouth sand bar. The local surfers get tubed for seconds at a time  but the villagers carry on their daily chores without thought or acknowledgement of the wonders beyond the harbour. Then there is Menakohz. Towering, mean and challenging.

It is 2 or 3 years since I skated the Guernica pool and probably ten since I took a dip in the river mouth. I really must get back there some time soon. There is also the Rioja, tapas and the smells of  pine and eucalyptus in the early mornings that round off the experience.