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The more intuitive of this blog’s readers will have perceived there was a denouement of sorts when I spent the weekend skating at XC recently. Sadly the staff photographer and this organ of things skatey and surfy parted ways.

To tell you the truth his technique was non existent. Coupled with his predilection for quantities of strong ale and poor time keeping abilities it was only a matter of time.

I have taken over the  duties now and invested in some equipment that is compatible to this century. The two pictures above are merely the first forays into this dark art but even if I say it myself I am reasonably impressed (It takes so little!:Ed). Needless to say my daughter mastered the equipment in an instant but for the moment we will stick with my efforts.

The first is taken from Tintagel looking back up the coast towards Devon. The second was snapped from one of my favoured breaks this evening at last light. Unfortunately the tide did not allow for the best of sessions but hey there was a good swell , off shore winds and sun.

2 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Very beautiful – and resonant of many holidays for me!
    It seems the change in staffing has been for the better after all. I do love that word ‘denouement’ by the way!

    • Denouement slips off the tongue so easily but it is full of spikes, spent emotions and exhaustion. Kind of a lounge lizard of a word.

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