tumblr_mdfu13AKc71rdq8kmo1_500My daughter and I went for a tentative trundle down a back street in Barnstaple today on our skateboards. I know what you are thinking.Typical father, projecting his idea of a good time onto his unfortunate teenage daughter. Not content in his efforts to recapture his youth extend his ridiculously long run doing ‘yoofull’ activities he is now inflicting them on his nearest and dearest.

Well, guilty as charged really. Except in my defence she did ask to go for the skate. Indeed someone who is ready to risk being sighted by other teenagers out in the street with her strange father riding unfeasibly wide skateboards must be motivated. The potential for flak at school is severe.I think she really wants to at least give it a go. The transferable skills to surfing will help her in the water to develop to a point where we can both enjoy trading small waves at some Californian point breaks this summer.Even a tumble and bloodied knees were not enough from dissuading her from another outing later in the week.

I have always enjoyed watching women/girls ripping at skate parks.  They are still a comparative rarity but they seem to flourish in the atmospheres of these dusty places where at least by sporting standards , the testosterone levels do not dominate. Physical strength is not a prerequisite for skating well, so the women/girls with talent soon start to shine.  Who knows perhaps my daughter will blossom into a talented and confident skater such as the lady above.  Disporting herself in socks like those, she must have confidence.

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