Snugg As A Bug


My winter wetsuit strewn over our garden wall basks in the evening gloom. It’s rapidly dwindling  shape memory harking back to waves , sandy surfaces and gorse lined footpaths from yesteryear. The black neoprene is slowly giving up the fight against the incessant solar rays and encrustation by brine. Each time it is tugged on the rubber gives a  little less and the blue lining tears more. The inevitable day will come when my thumb or toe penetrates the suit as it is pulled on and renders it ineffective against the winter elements. Custom made for me by Snugg this wettie has lasted five winters and still keeps the cold at bay.

The day will not come this season though. I shall exchange it for my summer steamer the next time I venture into the water.This old friend has seen through another winter.

2 thoughts on “Snugg As A Bug

  1. Great photo.
    When the day comes to finally say your goodbyes, perhaps it could be reincarnated as a scarecrow. I would love to see it flapping about in a field, still standing up to the elements 🙂

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