It looks so serene in the early summer sun doesn’t it? Croyde beach at its bucolic best. I expect it to look nothing like this during the weekend.

My daughter is about to experience a right of passage you see. Yes, she is going to a rock festival, this weekend by the shores of this beach. Or at least she is going to Oceanfest which is the nearest thing we have in North Devon to a counter cultural happening.It’s genuinely a big deal for her. There are bands that she likes (that I have never heard of) ,she can hang with her friends, camp out in the rain and witness the crazy goings on. Her chaperone ,read father, on the other hand will endure the strong winds and heavy rain, requests for more food and rave music played in the mud.

Come Friday evening things will look differently to one of us.I will report back to you my experiences after the weekend. Now where did I put my bandana?

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