The South West Rocks

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Apparently there was some other music festival on this weekend. Somewhere in neighbouring Somerset, it probably won’t last they never do. Too muddy and of no interest to the serious rocker ,you see.

Meanwhile in sunny Cornwall we attended the Kaiser Chiefs sessions at the Eden Project. The headliners were hugely impressive with their brand of in front of the beat driving rock. My daughter and friend Eva had a fabulous experience near the front finally getting to see a proper all out rock band. They were n’t so keen on the spumes of beer that landed on them frequently, but hey that is festival life and they have started to get acquainted with it. And festival it truly was even though in a mini format. Other highlights included Tom Tom Club (pictured tiny Tina Weymouth or gold fish woman as we now know her), Deep Valley (two Californian drum and guitar rock chicks) and the truly talented Cosmo Jarvis and band.

The previous weekend was spent at it has to be said windy and sometimes wet Oceanfest. Further down the bill there were some Laurel Canyon period influenced bands who bought a West Coast sensibility to the occasion. If you like this stuff (and I do) watch out for Cardiff’s Zervas and Pepper , Woolacombe’s own Peter Bruntnall and Canyon Ryde. The kids enjoyed headliners Bastille.

Two fab weekends spent in the best company of good mate Mark and his lovely daughter Eva.

I think Somerset just had some old guys playing…