Danny Way


Danny Way’s “Waiting for Lightning” suffers from many of the imperfections that film profiles of hyped athletes do. That said it gives sufficient insight into this extraordinary man.

Skating has been the kingpin of all the ‘action sports’ for the last 35 years. It’s many and varied  key practitioners have pushed this street sport to places that were utterly unfathomable only a few generations ago. The sport has had significant influences on all the other ‘action sports’, music, art and fashion. Danny Way has towered over the sport for much of this time. Scarily focused,he looks beyond the horizon of  current performance like a caged beast imagining the  endless green plains that are it’s right to roam. The film finishes with a brief (too brief ) look at the super sized street course he has constructed in a valley. The kick flip into oblivion that finishes the film makes me shudder for the future of Mr Way’s already battered body and excites the imagination in equal measure.

On a more prosaic note I had two quick rolls around at B bowl this weekend. I tweaked my back and only briefly made acquaintance with the deep end coping…..Of course DW is younger than I am.

Pipes and Detail

I have skated full pipes on the odd occasion. They are that scary type of terrain where you feel that you are permanently just out of control and that gravity is going to be the victor by the end of the run. Note to self: visit the pipe at Blackpool sometime soon. I love this photo, you can see the skater’s body fighting the fear, adrenaline and gravity.

Magicseaweed suggests that there is some juice headed for the North Devon shores. I shall try for a late and then an early on Wednesday and Thursday respectively barring life events interceding.

I hear Oakley won the UK vert series last weekend. Congrats Oakley that’s a major achievement.

Skate Installation

Acrobatic Oakley holding onto scaffolding

Word has reached me from my pack of reporters that serve this North Devonian organ of things skatey and surfy that there has been an erection in the countryside.

It is rumoured reported that the vert ramp is sited in a giant tent somewhere in North Devon. At fourteen feet high and six sheets wide it is the biggest ramp in the UK. I know of only two or three local skaters that have the ability do any justice to this behemoth. Let’s hope that the dotty artist that commissioned it has lots of friends that can play nicely on it!

It’s great to know that the skate equivalent of the Cribber can be found in a tent near you.