4879682485_3172e69e19Montgomery ‘Buttons’ Kaluhiokalani has died from lung cancer. He was the most underrated surfer.Bestowed with a physical genius that is only now starting to be appreciated. He had quite a back story but I will always remember his surfing in the surf flicks from the late 70s and early 80s. He was doing something so different to his more competitively orientated peers. A sad loss and a great name.

The Hurricane

flowerpot2Ironicaly my trip to the Golden state at the end of the summer has resulted in fairly severe slackening of my motivation to skate. The quality of the terrain in the UK is the issue. The last pool I skated in the states was this one (below). Eleven feet deep, perfect transitions , silky surfaces and pool coping. I left my favourite skateboard here due to fuzzy headed exhaustion but looking back I can n’t help but feel this was prophetic.


There are no pools or bowls that come close in comparison in the UK. The combi bowl at Shoreham is the nearest in terms of quality and dimensions by some distance.I think a few months out will do me me some good.Boarding on water will as always be my escape and focus.Come on Huey the hyped ‘hurricane’ has only sent some wind blown unsurfable waves. We know here is more in your locker!

Fresh Start


tumblr_me0oofOUBk1r8yt22o1_500Autumn is slowly creeping up on us. Leaf mould in the bowls and just perhaps the first hurricane swell is hiding below the horizon. C’mon Huey …you owe us.

Holiday Snaps

DSCF0868Some old bloke pausing for thought at the Memorial skatepark, San Diego. Our trusty hippy camper van in the background.

DSCF1008Etnies ‘skull’ pool grinded by some old bloke.

DSCF1064Venice beach bowl. Replica of the original ‘dogbowl’ if the rumours are true.

DSCF1010Old bloke at Etnies in the time honoured old man stance, contemplating reasons not to tackle the scary cradle area.

DSCF0897Memorial Park carve

Injun Ale

DSCF1103The Golden State held many surprises and inevitably confirmed a good deal of my long held impressions. One of my prejudices about the USA was that the nation does not brew proper beer. By this I mean that I expected my recent visit to be refreshed by the fizzy alcoholic pop  such as Budweiser, Coors etc. To my delight and delectation it seems that America has had a beery revolution a couple of decades ago. Now it is possible to find micro breweries in many towns and cities. They produce all sorts of truly delicious ales for the gourmet and gourmand alike. The  India Pale Ale (IPA) is particularly fine.It is generally on the strong side but almost preternaturally tasty.

At the end of each day at our camp site, after much surf/skate/tourist activity a few IPA’s hit the target with unerring accuracy. I was also welcomed with two bottles of similar ale when I got home, thoughtfully provided by Mrs Bowl Rat.

I am typing this at ‘god knows what’ o’clock suffering from the ravages of jet lag on my apparently still stateside brain. The mere act has though had some effect on me…. I have paused for thought.

Beer is a luxury and a pleasure best experienced on special occasions or at least occasionally. I will start to pay more heed to this truism and reap the benefits.

You heard it first here. Travel refreshes the parts that beer cannot reach… to decimate that well known tagline.